Tucson Records Inspection

Small cell records database coming soon

We did a public records inspection on all sWTFs in Tucson and we got to see hundreds of paper documents including checks and receipts. Details on records, what you want to look for and incomplete aspects are coming soon. If you are interested in a site at the moment we’ll be happy to help. 
One thing that stood out, on the face if it is that Verizon has some bold project names:
dazed and confused.jpg

They are all interesting, but let’s look at part of the records we need to examine power compliance with FCC requirements, for one of the many sites named Black Canary 2, she’s an interesting character given her super-power:

black canary.jpg
Black Canary 2 is a 5G and 4G facility. This antenna boldly submits proof that this facility is non-compliant with federal law, in fact, it exceeds their limits a few hundred thousand times (ERP limit  that requires NEPA review: 1000 units ERP). Where’s the NEPA review? No sign of it. No attestation. (NEPA review page coming soon)
This application was incomplete and needs to be reported to the FCC, along with, well, all the rest of them. Preferrably before they are installed
This amount of power is just not necessary to accomodate telecommunication needs, and is 100,000,000,000x higher than the minimum power that is required by of the federal law.
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