Stop 5G with Notices and Affidavits!

Take action now by signing these notices #1 and #2, followed shortly by the third notice and finally the affidavit. More info on the process of affidavits and notices, see The contents of these documents are built upon the fundamentals of the US and Arizona Constitutions and serve to document multiple areas of oath-breaking, maladministration, malfeasance and nonfeasance and each party’s culpability.

Click below to be redirected to a form which will help you customize your own letter to be sent electronically. You will be notified when the 3rd notice and affidavits are ready to send.

First Notice

Second Notice

Third Notice

If you wish to sign with wet-ink, please email us for a copy in legal size. Share these links widely for impact! Anyone in the USA can sign. In fact, anyone in the world can sign.

Call or email to complete Step 4, the Affidavit!