Join the Thousands of Tucsonans Who Prefer Wired Broadband over Wireless Broadband . . . to close the Digital Divide.

BIG DATA via Fiber Optics & only calls/texts via Wireless . . . That’s the Sweet Spot!

sWTFs are Warts in our Neighborhoods; they output EXCESSIVE Effective Radiated Power (ERP)!

Placing, constructing and OPERATING so-called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs) at excessive Effective Radiated Power output — in the Public Rights-of-Way — is unjust and unconstitutional. Doing so is a TAKING of personal property values, without just compensation, and the resulting 24/7 surveillance VIOLATES Tucson’s residents’ rights to privacy.

(28) More small cell poles coming to Tucson – YouTube

The Great Retrofit

The City of Tucson needs to RETROFIT sWTFs & CO-LOCATE them on EXISTING utility poles and set at minimum power (-85dBm) to protect the Quiet Enjoyment of Streets in residential zones.

Placing overpowered sWTF antennas on stand-along monopoles — not co-locating sWTF equipment on pre-existing structures is what has been happening in Tucson from 2017 to 2021 . . . Why? Wire Tucson is seeking immediate inspection of public records to find out and we will and report what we find here.

We Are Wire Tucson

Strength in Numbers!

Dedicated Tucsonans, organized as Wire Tucson, submit a Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) Ordinance with the goals of retrofitting the first wave of 400-500 so-called “small” Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (sWTFs) that have already installed in Tucson’s public rights-of-way.

The Ordinance establishes more respectful and sane sWTF development standards that will provide sufficient wireless telecommunications service and not steal the residents’ inalienable rights to privacy and the quiet enjoyment of our streets (and homes) in Tucson.

Fiber Optic to the Premises (FTTP) For All is the Solution

Wired Broadband all the way to homes and businesses (by Coaxial or Fiber Optic Cables) is the fastest, most secure, and most reliable way to close the Digital Divide.

Unlike Wireless Broadband, Wired Broadband is NOT hazardous. That is why Wired Broadband and Wireless Broadband are NOT functionally equivalent services. We can demand the Broadband access that preserves our Quiet Enjoyment of Streets.

The Solution? Wire Tucson with FTTP For All . . . and allow just enough wireless for calls & texts — no higher than -85 dBm the Signal Strength that provides “5 Bars” service for cell phones.